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Leenie is a name given to me by someone I adored; he was killed at a young age in a car accident. I am writing my books in his memory. My family has always called me Leenie. Throughout the years, my friends continually asked me, “Leenie,  when are you  going to do something with those tell-all notes and stories you have saved?”

I certainly am not a professional writer, but I do have a good memory along with the joy of telling my story. So, one day I sat at my computer where the stories starting flowing. It was amazing how many people, events and places came to mind; my notebook full of happenings certainly helped to remind me.

What a privilege it was being a Flight Attendant; our training is complex and intricate, leaving nothing to chance.  Plus, we meet other airline crews with many common interests. Some are even from other countries.

One day, a counselor at my University said to me, “Leenie, I believe you would make a great Stewardess.” I love talking with people and hearing their stories; being a good listener and having a positive attitude certainly helped me to attain my ‘job in the sky’!

I will never forget one commercial flight in particular; I was so intrigued by the performance of the Flight Attendants.  As luck would have it, one Flight Attendant stopped to talk with me. She said, “I know you have been watching us, are you interested in our job?” She explained some facts about training and her career.

Eventually my ultimate answer became YES, I want to be a Flight Attendant. The detailed experience alone was so valuable. I bonded with my classmates during training, as our interests were very similar. The bond between Pilots and Flight Attendants is unlike any other vocation; we spend a career in the skies, and teamwork can be essential for our survival.

I had a great time dating and partying throughout my career. Like any vocation, there are ups, downs and a giant learning process. I became more confident and actually started flirting with some good looking men on my flights (not to mention certain pilots). There is an art to quietly flirt with someone of interest; guess what, it works!

Flight Attendants are always professional on the airplane; however, the layovers in key cities can sometimes become more than just a night of rest. We all have private rooms at our hotel; on longer overnights, we can hop in a taxi and go anywhere around town to the best restaurants and the most swinging bars the city has to offer. Certainly some of us looked forward to seeing new cities, new sites and meeting new people. I am grateful for my 18 years of having an ‘office in the sky’. I will always have a loving memory of  very special airline friends; our bond is unique! 

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