The End of Book 1 Final Approach

Actually there will never be an end to Flight Crew stories. As long as airplanes fly in the skies, factual stories will continue to amuse all of us. Many times simply use your imagination, and you will no doubt be on target.

Airline crews are a breed in themselves; most love their jobs. Parties, meeting celebrities, men, women, gay, straight and bi-sexual come out of the closet, at least to their closest friends. I truly loved my job, and I still treasure all of them. They are now a big part of my life, past and present.

Book 1 was meant to summarize those crazy years; I had hoped to portray the true essence of "the office in the sky." Book 2 will expand on friends, lovers, crews, parties, emergencies and more. The extensive training for Flight Attendants enables them to handle any emergency. Hopefully, you will never encounter such a flight; if an emergency should happen, be thankful you are in the hands of professionals. Naturally, we all owe the pilots for our safety; I have always admired them greatly.

When I travel by air today, I notice a very different environment. Flight Crews and even passengers are more aware of their surroundings; watchful eyes are assessing the cabin. It seems like most of us can spot a potential problem, and bring it to the attention of a Flight Attendant. Years ago, the cocktails and party-like behaviors ruled. In the airline world of today, anyone irate or out-of-control might be arrested after landing. Personally, I like the more sedate and controlled passengers. It appears the flying public has more respect for Flight Attendants and a more calm cabin. Give the Flight Crews credit for elaborate training.

Book 3 (coming soon) will have more intriguing, behind the scenes true stories: Playtime for Flight Crews, Sexual Content, Hot Women, Hot Men, Hot Gays, Hot Bi-Sexual, Parties, Celebrities, Special Passengers, Emergencies and more. You can only imagine!

To all of my very precious airline friends, I will forever love and miss you!  May you always be safe wherever those super jets take you; I am with you in spirit.

Thank you for flying with Leenie