First Day

This book does contain some racy stories, along with sad, emergency and sexual stories. It is now about one month into my exciting, new career. Looking toward the back of the airplane, I watched a man and a woman both go into one bathroom together.

What were they doing? 

 Celebrity Cheating



Allow me tell you about a particular, popular TV star; he was also a well-known entertainer in Las Vegas. He was a comedian, and his show was full of laughs, surprise celebrities, popular bands and singers. He was married with children, and prided himself in being a reputable person. What a laugh that turned out to be!

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Flight Attendant Murders

Lani was a very close friend of mine. I adored her.  She was a free spirit and enjoyed life to the fullest. I remember calling her home, and her husband said she had not returned home from our trip. A couple of off-road bikers found some remains. They were taken to the morgue.

Was this my precious Lani?


Ghost Stories

 I walked through the cabin to check on passengers, and a gentleman in the aisle seat grabbed my arm. He asked me if I had seen a strange looking woman walking toward the rear of the cabin sort of flowing.

Could ghosts be on board?

Untamed Flight Attendant


Dallas was a very promiscuous flight attendant. Her enjoyment came from trying to shock the pilots, and she did a great job doing just that. She had no problem telling the guys about the wild sex she had the night before, and in detail.  

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Sex with a Pilot


Our flirting was continuous and our trips joyful because of it. Michel and I had layovers in a coastal city, close to the beach. We would stroll around the town for food, shopping, or simply sit on the white sandy beach. We are now in his room,

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